Cooling Hearts
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“Cooling Hearts” Quality Reflection – Equanimity  (Upekkhā)”

This “Cooling Hearts” Quality Reflection was guided by Bhante Mettānanda from August 2023. This quality reflection is to help participant to create or develope positive mental quality through quality reflection and have a happy life. 

After the Selected Quality Reflection – Sharing and Q&A table is the full recording for the “Cooling Hearts” Quality Reflection –Equanimity (Upekkhā)”.

This recordings were first play via zoom from Melbourne from February 2024.

For the benefit of participants and for those interested to learn reflection, you can watch and listen to the youtube. During the course, the recordings were play once a day, Tuesday to Friday. 

Selected Quality Reflection - Sharing and Q&ASession and RemarksYoutube links
Introduction to Quality ReflectionGratitude
Overcome Fault-Finding Mind With Gratitude ReflectionGratitude
How To Sustain Good Friendship?Forgiveness
Forgiving Yourself For Being Unable To ForgiveForgiveness
Is Forgiving Implying That One Is Weak And Not Standing Up To Those Who Do Evil Acts?Forgiveness
How To Be Compassionate Towards Elderly?Forgiveness
What Are The Qualities Help Us Success In Forgiveness?Forgiveness
How To Overcome Unpleasant Experience (Bullied, Physical Abuse @ School, Work and etc)? Moving Away? How To Overcome This Kamma Cycle?Forgiveness
Why Recollect Someone Done Wrong To Us Which We Want To Forget/Avoid or Already Forgotten? Any Good?Forgiveness
Gaining "Contemplation Wisdom" From "Cooling Hearts" Quality Reflection courseSympathetic Joy
Helping Someone Who Is Sick With Quality ReflectionsSympathetic Joy
Are We Soley Impact By Kamma?Equanimity
Can I Learn Brahmavihārā At Home?Equanimity
Equanimity (Upekkhā) Quality ReflectionYoutube linkReplay Date
8:30pm - 9:30pm AEST ||
6:30pm-7:30pm KL/SG Time
Day 1 September 2024
Day 2 September 2024
Day 3 September 2024
Day 4 September 2024
Day 5 September 2024
Day 6 October 2024
Day 7 October 2024
Day 8 October 2024
Day 9 October 2024
Day 10 October 2024
Day 11 October 2024
Day 12 October 2024
Monthly DiscussionSunday13 October 2024
Day 13 October 2024
Day 14 October 2024
Day 15 October 2024
Day 16 Part 1 Reflection October 2024
Day 16 Part 2 Questions and Answers October 2024
Equanimity (Upekkhā) Quality Reflection Youtube Playlist