Cooling Hearts
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Be a Happy and Wonderful Person

Be a happy person in this very life

"Cooling Hearts" Quality Reflection

•Gratitude•Forgiveness•Loving Kindness•Compassion•Sympathetic Joy•Equanimity

Monday – Thursday  8:30pm-9:20pm AEST|| 6:30pm – 7:30pm KL/SG Time ||

Monthly Q&A and Discussion

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Cooling Hearts

Quality Characters Building Through Quality Reflection


Our collection include Guided Meditation, Reflection, Dhamma Talk and Chanting from:

Ven Pa Auk Sayadaw
Maha Thera Ariyadhamma
Sayadaw Nandamalabhivamsa
Sayadaw Silananda
Sayadaw Kumarabhivamsa
Sayadaw Janakabhivamsa
Bhante Ariyananda
Bhante Mangala
Sayadaw Revata
Sayadaw Janeyyacara
Bhante Digana Sugatavamsa
Ven Buddharakkhita
Ven Mettananda
Ven Jinaratana

Cooling Hearts Quality Reflections Course

You will be able to join our hybrid “Cooling Hearts” Quality Reflections  (combination of attend Live  Session or Recording Replay Session, join Whatsapp Group and Monthly Live Q&A) course which you can participate and ask question.

All these quality reflection courses are FREE! 

Happy Meditation Happy Life

You can join now!

This is another hybrid lesson via recording replay session and Whatsapp Group support.


Please contact us if you are interested [email protected] 


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Cooling Hearts ♥

Quality Reflections

Cooling Hearts Quality Reflections is a guided reflections course with reflection on gratitude, forgiveness, loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity (Brahma Viharas: metta, karuna, mudita, and upekkha).

When you are able to reflect all these  qualities whenever you want, your mind become flexible and soft. This will greatly improve your happiness in life, handling impermanent of life, it also helps in your meditation practice.

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Cooling Hearts Quality Reflection - Gratitude

by Bhante Mettananda

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Dose of Dhamma 

Series 1 Mangala Sutta – by Venerable Mettananda

The Mangala Sutta is a discourse on the subject of ‘blessings’ (mangala, also translated as ‘good omen’ or ‘auspices’ or ‘good fortune’). What does it means?

Tune in to listen to the daily short Dhamma Talk by Venerable Mettananda.


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Cooling Hearts

Dhamma Talks

Ven Rāhula –  by Venerable Jinaratana

The foremost of the Buddhist disciples with regard to desire training was Venerable Rāhula, the Buddha’s son.

 It was said that in the morning he would take a fistful of sand and make the wish that he might receive instructions from the senior monks as numerous as those grains of sand..

 Let tune in to listen to the Ven Rāhula stories share by Venerable Jinaratana.