Cooling Hearts
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Let us be mindful when hosting this quality reflection activities.

Enjoy this meritorious host, happy from begining, during and after the host. 

Reach out if you need any backup or support, let me know if you have any suggestion.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

With Metta.

Daily Replay 

First Tab: CH-> about> host -> First Slide , [play seaside sound]

2nd Tab: CH -> about-> host -> QR [select QR ] -> [select day] play youtube link, pause the video, adjust volume if sound too low or high.

3rd Tab: CH -> about-> host ->

Enter into GM, Present (1st tab) FS b’4 start time

Meeting time start: pause FS’s sound.

|| Present youtube (2nd tab). *

|| Go to 2nd tab, unpause youtube. *


* alternatively, got to 2nd tab (youtube tab), [share this tab instead]


Play till end.

After end,  from GM, end the meeting.


Monitor whatsapp, if there is any comment (no sound,..)

GM – Google Meet

CH – Cooling Hearts website [ ]

FS – First Slide


If you got two monitor will be easier. 3rd Tab => 2nd monitor; or

3rd Tab => second Chrome Window.