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Cooling Hearts Webiste and Internet Radio Project Survey

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The purpose of setting up is to help people to build a positive habit through continuous doing reflection and/or meditation practise everyday. The internet radio station can be fully automated and allow us to stream the quality reflection several session everyday. Six advantages of setting up this internet radio are (1) it help listeners to build good quality habits; (2) create a strong group kamma effect (3) help to build a strong and positive community (4) Opportunity to listen to the reflection/meditation at different session (5) Opportunity to listen to the guidance everyday (6) Ease teacher and admin burden and allow teacher to make more quality course.

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Support and Volunteering

1. Do you like to support and volunteer in this Project? For example: you can help in audio editing tracks (listening and/or editing), create new radio station for your time zone (My/SG), create new station in Chinese language, Facebook, Youtube and etc.*

2. We plan to set up a center to support our teacher to reside in Melbourne, do you able to join, support and/or be part of the founder member? [Please fill up next section if you answer "yes" in this question.]*

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